Blue and Red Circus Band


Circus Audio Samples (recorded in February, 2006)

Two samples of circus galops are Karl King's Circus Days and J.J. Richard's Con Celerita, which means "with a little velocity" in Spanish. These rapid paced selections were often performed during a  race or chase involving clowns or animals.

wma mp3 Circus Days, Karl King
wma mp3 Con Celerita, J.J. Richard

Lassus Trombone by Henry Fillmore and Raggy Trombone by W.F. Kiefer are both novelty tunes featuring trombone smears. They also have a strong ragtime influence. These tunes would be used for the clown acts.

wma mp3 Lassus Trombone, Henry Fillmore
wma mp3 Raggy Trombone, W.F. Kiefer

Two popular composers of circus marches were Karl King and Russell Alexander. King's Woody Van's March and Alexander's International Vaudeville were two favorite marches played during the circus parade.

wma mp3 International Vaudeville, Russell Alexander
wma mp3 Woody Van's March, Karl King

Alte Kameraden (oompah) Audio Samples (recorded in February, 2008)

mp3 Hi-le Hi-lo (waltz)
mp3 In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus (waltz)
mp3 Narrhalla (march)
mp3 Rosamunde (polka)
mp3 Rosengarten (waltz)
mp3 Standkonzert (polka)

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