Blue and Red Circus Band

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At the turn of the century, when the “big top” tent circuses were thriving, the circus bands gave support to the various acts as well as providing entertainment for the audience.  Since the tent circuses are no more, the circus bands and their music have also faded away.

Full Band

It is the intent of the Blue and Red Circus Concert Band to help rescue circus music from complete oblivion by performing the various marches, galops and ragtime selections in concerts and parades. Our repertoire of fifty plus circus tunes reflects the color and variety of performances under the “big top”.

The Blue and Red Circus Concert Band was formed in Aptos in the fall of 1997.  Our first performance was at the Almond Festival in Ripon, California.

Though we have no director, we self-direct ourselves cooperatively and feel fortunate when we can get together and make music. We usually perform with 10 - 12 players. Instrumentation: trumpets, trombones, tuba, baritone, alto horn, tenor  sax, clarinets, piccolo and drums.Four of the musicians live in the Santa Cruz area. Others reside in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Leandro and the San Joaquin Valley.

The Blue & Red Circus Concert Band’s music is lively and entertaining and comes across as “unique”to the younger generation and brings back memories to the senior citizens.

If you are searching for a band to perform for Oktoberfest or 
Fasching events, The Blue&Red Circus Band's musicians are flexible 
enough to morph into an "oompah" band, Alte Kameraden, and 
entertain you with traditional German polkas, waltzes and marches.

If the music you need is for a Mardi Gras format, we become The 
Mardi Gras Mavericks, providing ragtime and novelty tunes suitable 
for the festive occasion.

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